World’s Stylish Aquarium – The Australian Great Barrier Reef`

World’s Stylish Aquarium - The Australian Great Barrier Reef

The Australian Great Barrier Reef is one of the natural wonders of the world. The Great Barrier Reef is a geological feature that is visible even from space. It is a breathtaking structure made up of 3000 reefs and 900 corals. It stretches for 2300 kilometres and extends from the Lady Elliot Island to Cape York at the tip of north-eastern Australia. The Great Barrier Reef is a protected area that falls under the Great Barrier Reef marine park and is also considered to be a world heritage area. This is an area of breathtaking beauty and is home to a stunning variety of marine diversity. This area which is also described as the tropical rainforest of the ocean is also the world’s largest coral system.

Snow white sand, dazzling colours, crystal clear waters; this is perhaps the best snorkelling and diving destination in the world. If you love diving then there is perhaps no better destination. This is home to one third of the soft coral in the world. There are 1500 species of fish, 600 species of starfish and sea urchins in the Great Barrier Reef. There are also several species of endangered turtles and more than 30 species of whales and dolphins. It is possible to see amazing natural phenomenon occasionally, provided you are there at the right time. The period from October to November is the time when the coral spawn and a few days after the full moon if you are lucky you will be able to see masses of pink eggs being released into the aquamarine sea.

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When you visit the Great Barrier Reef, you are visiting the world’s greatest and most beautiful aquarium. But the best thing about this aquarium is that you can also be a part of it. You can swim with the fishes and the dolphins. There is also a Mon Repos Conservation Park where you can see turtles nesting. The Great Barrier Reef offers many wonderful experiences for tourists. It has its own style because the activities that have been designed around the reef are done with the sustainability of the reef in mind. Not a single activity jeopardizes the reef or the living organisms. When considering the vast nature of the Reef and the environmental relevance that it has, sustainable development is the only option.

The Great Barrier Reef is suitable for every tourist. There are some who come there for the tranquillity that it offers. They just soak up the beauty of the reef and the relaxation that it offers. But there are some for whom that is just not enough. For such people the reef offers adventure tourism options like bungee jumping, white river rafting, and Coral Sea kayaking. These activities are extremely popular and are supervised by trained professionals. The reef is a world famous scuba diving location. The multitudinous sea life and the coral make it a visually stunning paradise. The Great Barrier Reef is definitely amazing up close but it offers an added dimension from high up. There are air adventures that will help you understand the real magnitude of the natural wonder that it is.

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Hot air ballooning, scenic flights and sky diving are some of the activities that are offered to adventure buffs. Seeing the reef from the skies makes you truly appreciate it. The different shades of blue and the crystal clear waters will take your breath away. The Great Barrier Reef is indeed a natural wonder and is one of the most stylish tourist destinations in the world. The most important thing that makes it so is the attention that has gone towards sustainable tourism. Such initiatives will definitely ensure that the reef will remain undisturbed for future generations.

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