Bangladesh: The Land of Rivers

Bangladesh, The Land of Rivers

Bangladesh is surrounded on all sides by India except its southern wings that have Arabian Sea at its prime. There is a corridor on the eastern side connecting it to Burma (Myanmar).

If nature means greenery and plenty of clear water then it is present in bounty in the country named after its citizens. Where there is nature at its maximum, there must be rain forests and wild animals of reckoning.

Rightly Bangladesh is called the land of rivers. The arteries of this country are the rivers Chita, Dakatia, Dhaleshwari, Ganga (Padma), Gorai, Kobadak, Matamuuri, Sangu and Tista. A boat journey from its capital Dhaka to Khulna shall expose the beauty and expanse of several rivers with a panoramic view of the rain forest and if fortunate a faceoff with the famous and awe inspiring Royal Bengal Tiger. Sundarbans national Park, a UN world heritage site, has singular attraction of mangrove rain forests with Royal Bengal tiger catching you from somewhere and the Ridley Sea Turtle trying to evade you under the water.

The capital Dhaka has in its sleeves the Seven Dome Mosque and Star Mosque built around 18th.century AD. Chittagong with the Shah Amanat International Airport is the commercial capital of Bangladesh. Almost 70 Km away from Dhaka is the Mainimati ruins of ancient Buddhist culture dating back between 7th and 12th century. 150 Km away from Chittagong is the Cox Bazaar natural sandy beach, the longest in the world.

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Bangladesh has in its store a galaxy of fine arts in the form of music, drama and the most famous open air theatre called “Jatra”. The most common dances are folk, tribal and the Middle Eastern. The tribal dance particularly Manipuri and the Santali performed by rural girls is a treat. These dances have similarity with some African and West Indian dances and put a person in wonder as to how this have percolated into such a distant place thousands of years back when there was no provision of any conveyance.

The music prevalent in this country is in classical, folk and modern form. Bangla music revolves around the immortals such as Guru Rabrindra Nath and Nazrul. “Boul” way of singing spiritual songs by street singer shall enchant you by their rendering. Early morning, spiritual prayers with a melodious voice and only a one string instrument seem to be super natural.

Drama and theatre are a way of life of Bangladeshis. Any story, regional, national or international is adopted in the local language and is played before selected audience in a theatre. “Jatra” is a folk kind of drama, generally performed in open air. The stage is at the center and the audience is all round the stage. It is to be seen for to be believed as all the rhetoric are performed so meticulously that one remains spell bound for hours.

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Bangladesh is accessible by air, sea and land route very easily. There are regular flights. Trains have connectivity with India through West Bengal. Land route is from all sides.

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