Make Most Of The Budget Hotels In Thailand

Make Most Of The Budget Hotels In Thailand

Thailand is an amalgamation of exotic picturesque beauty, amazingly tempting local seafoods, a great place to shop till you drop, enjoying night parties and club hopping, along with the best hotels to stay in at an affordable price. The level of enjoyment can be heightened when the cost of hotels falls within reasonable range and there are no added costs to mar the enjoyment. If you are visiting this beautiful destination for the best time, it is best to find a budget hotel that doesn’t cost too heavy on the pocket. These hotels are at par in their services and preferred for their reasonable pricing.

Refer to Thailand tourism to get to know about some of the most amazing and affordable hotels. Travellers seeking for budget hotels in Thailand will find plenty of options across the various destinations throughout the country. Pattaya, Patpong, Koi Samui, Phuket and Hua Hin are just some of the popular holiday destinations within Thailand that are visited by a large number of people.

Bangkok being the capital of Thailand has numerous hotels from where you can chose from. Most travellers make Bangkok their base before they start exploring other destinations within Thailand. Usually Bangkok is clubbed with one or two more destinations such as Pattaya, Koi Samui or Hua Hin.

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Let us see some of the famous budget hotels in Bangkok:

Hotels at Khao San Road

The Khao San road In Bangkok is one of the most famous places where you can find some of the most affordable hotels in Thailand. The cheap room rates, delicious local food, and friendly people make it a great place to stay in. Centrally located, this hotel is within convenient reach of most of the major sights and attractions within the capital city.

Hotels in Pratunam District

If your objective of visiting Thailand is to shop then this is the place to stay at. Pratunam is known for its street markets and bazaars. It is possible to get the best deals and bargains at this place and the best about is its central location. The most common among them are brand name jeans and jerseys of your favourite teams. Pratunam has a number of cheap hotels in Thailand ranging from 500 Baht to 1000 Baht with good quality and clean rooms. If you can afford a little more, you can be served with free internet, room service and breakfast. It is near to the train station and therefore commuting is not at all a problem.

Hotels at Sukhumvit Road

Another popular destination for cheap hotels in Thailand especially in the city of Bangkok isright at Sukhumvit Road. Sukhumvit has cheap hotels with decent rooms at an affordable price. There are many hotels in Sukhumvit in the mid 500 Baht range and lower as well. The area of Sukhumvit in many ways represents a modern picture of Bangkok known for its high rise apartments, excellent restaurants and a variety of entertainment options. Hence, the budget hotels in this area offer a host of modern comforts and facilities.

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Tourists have a great variety of budget hotels to choose from all accross Thailand, especially in Pratunam and Sukhumvit. Visit Thailand tourism for some of the greatest deals and discounts on these hotels and make your weekend destination memorable.

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