Discover The Beauty Of Tuscany Italy

Discover The Beauty Of Tuscany Italy

One of the finest places in the world to experience the calm and serenity, Tuscany is akin to paradise, flaunting nature’s bounty on all sides. Those who have seen the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun”, would never differ and would like to visit the place time and again. Florence, the capital of Tuscany is the quintessential destination to replenish and soothe your tired nerves. The surge of energy is palpable once you land up on its shores amidst the captivating vistas, cultural richness and other irresistible natural wonders. It simply tempts you to go for a farm holiday or snuggle in the comfort of a luxury villa by the countryside.

Soak in the luxury of Tuscany Italy

Even though you are baffled by the word ‘Farm’, which is never associated with luxury and comfort, there are places that exude unmatched hospitality to get you floored. It is no less pleasant than checking in to an upscale villa in downtown. You can definitely bank on these countryside accommodations for a pleasant stay while in Tuscany. So, here’s a few of them.

The Fattoria il Lago farmhouse is undeniably amongst the best, which is located 40 kms from north-east of Florence. Located just on the outskirts of Dicomano, tucked away at the foothills of olive covered Tuscan Hillsides. This sprawling property has three areas referred to as villages, with respective apartments and views to kill. La Villa, the main lodging building offers a charming view of the Dicomano Valley.

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A few blocks away is the Lago village with a beautiful pool and a well manicured garden. The third accommodation is called the Macerato with the quaintest sleeping areas and surrounded by verdant landscapes. These accommodations par excellence are no less comfortable than an opulent villa in the city, apart from the fact that you share a common ground with other tourists. However, the amenities and quality service more than make up for it.

While booking your Tuscany car rental, make sure that you have a detailed map of directions to Dicomano, because the farmhouse is found in other country roads. Normally, holiday homes in Tuscany provide you with full details regarding directions as well as arranging for pick and drop from stations. Al you have to do is just give them a prior intimidation.

Another place to reckon with is the 11th c. medieval monastery of San Lorenzo a Linari in Sovicille. Located south of Siena, this accommodation has state-of-the-art facilities while offering your own private space. With a myriad of opportunities to unwind, this lodging provides individual apartments that have spectacular views through windows, take you on a four wheel drive through picturesque hills, horseback riding or a panoramic view from a hot-air balloon. For beach lovers the Mediterranean seashore is always there with loads of fun and excitement.

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