Top 6 Diving Sites at Raja Ampat Islands

Top 6 Diving Sites at Raja Ampat Islands

Raja Ampat islands in the Indonesian region are truly among the best diving sites across the globe that offer exceptional marine sights. These islands carry with themselves a massive biological diversity and offer tourists with some of the most thrilling and fun diving excursions. The marine landscape of Raja Ampat islands offers sightings of some of the rarest underwater species, which is the reason why these islands are considered as the mecca for diving fanatics all over the world.

Rounded up below are top six diving sites in Raja Ampat Islands that you can experience via liveaboard trips. These trips will take you to these diving sites in complete relaxation. Let’s have a look at them.

Top 6 Diving Sites at Raja Ampat Islands

Manta Sandy

Manta Sandy is among the most popular diving sites in Raja Ampat region. It is the signature location for mantas, where they can be seen in packs. The waters in this region are clear making it the perfect site for spotting Mantas. Manta Sandy acts as a cleaning station for Mantas who come to get cleaned from cleansers in the reef.

Black Rock

The name of this wonderful diving site is deduced from the jagged black rock that is present above the surface and acts as a reef in the waters in this region. Coral gardens that represent an amazing view of the underworld water, and schooling fish that lurk deep in the waters, make up for the highlights of this amazing diving site. This diving location is indeed a heaven for photographers as it provides perfect setting for clicking some vivid and colorful underwater pictures.

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Muck Bay

Muck Bay is an uninhabited island located in the southern region of Misool area. This location is the perfect spot for sighting Ghost pipefish. This diving location is decorated with an amazing seascape that is enriched with critters. The diving area is rather large here that allows you to extend your diving excursions and explore this region further to depths.

Neptune Fans

Neptune Fan acts as the host for PYGMY seahorses that are extremely tiny. This diving location is enriched with colorful sea creatures that are an absolute delight for diving enthusiastic people. It is advised to divers that they should tread carefully while observing these little creatures, since they are extremely sensitive to sea and they vanish due to distractions. Tiny sea horses are also a specialty of this diving site and divers can see them in the waters here.

South Mangrove

This region is famous for its mangroves abundance where divers can see tree roots suspended in the waters. South mangroves are also a bed for Archer fish that are infamous for sending out water streams from their mouth to thump down insects to feed on them. Apart from Archer fish, South Mangroves are also breeding ground for many extremely rare tropic fishes that are hard to find in other parts of the world.

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Three Sisters

Three Sisters is a gorgeous group of three islands, each of which has an extensive set of exquisite and rare sea creatures. This article is famous for Crocodile flathead fish that is rare breed and is hard to find in other parts of the world.

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