Experience Koh Samui

Experience Koh Samui

When visiting Thailand, you simply must come to Bangkok first and spend a few days there. However, in order to fully experience Thailand for what it really has to offer, it is important that you explore some of the islands as well, as they hold more mysterious beauty and a chance to enjoy hidden secrets.

The Island of Koh Samui

The island holds many interesting natural attractions, ranging from waterfalls to oddly shaped rocks. There are also many man-made marvels that will tickle your adventurous side to stick around for longer and to try and tame this island.

National Park

Close to the island you’ll find the Angthong National Marine Park which covers more than forty islands in the pristine waters of the archipelago; with beaches that have the smoothest white sand, and hidden waterfalls that will make crave for adventure. You can check out the natural wildlife of Thailand in this marine park, as it protects and preserves a large variety of exotic species. However, each time you visit the park, a new adventure will await you, since going once will not satisfy your lust for adventure.

Deep in the Island

If you’re the kind of person who likes exploring and finding hidden secrets, then Koh Samui is the place for you. Not only will you be able to search the jungle for waterfalls and hidden springs, but you should also check out the hidden secret Buddha garden, although it is not extremely hard to find the place, it is always a new experience when you decide to go visit.

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A big attraction

There is one attraction that you cannot miss even if you wanted to; the Big Buddha. It is a famous Buddhist shine with a golden Buddha landmark that can be seen from quite far away. Visiting the shrine is a cultural and spiritual experience and it’s something unique to be experienced.

Life in Thailand

Although it might seem like a place to only visit on vacation, Koh Samui and other places in Thailand are all actually great places to live in. It will take some time to get used to it though, but in general, if you move to an amazing place like Koh Samui, you will only brighten up your life; not only culturally but spiritually as well. Living a simpler, but more fulfilled life will only help you achieve an unspoiled Nirvana, as the teaching of Buddha goes.

Furthermore, as there are many sights to visit on the island alone, and in the rest of Thailand, one holiday will not be enough. And if you are tired of the complicated modern lifestyle, it is perhaps time to think about retreating to a tropical paradise where you can enjoy the perfect blend of natural and man-made wonders

Going on an adventure

Visiting Thailand is more than just going for a holiday trip there, it is a lifetime experience that will introduce you to the wonderful world of tropical bliss. The beautiful natural sceneries to enjoy, and the harmonious coexistence of modern mixed with traditional will quickly make you want to revisit this tropical paradise; or even more than just revisit.

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The list of things to do in Koh Samui alone is endless, and you still have the rest of Thailand to check out. As it is with many tropical getaways, once you experience it to the fullest, it is extremely hard to just let it become a fading distant memory.

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