Get Electronic Approval of the Visa for Tour to Sri Lanka

Get Electronic Approval of the Visa for Tour to Sri Lanka

Anyone who wants to make Einreise Sri Lanka has to possess an essential document for the valid and legal entry in Sri Lanka. This document is nothing but Visa. In addition to the passport which is valid for atleast next six months, travelers have to obtain the on-arrival visa depending upon the purpose of their travelling. Without Visa, it is not possible for the people from any European countries or other countries to step in Sri Lanka. This country has the rich flora and fauna, mesmerizing beautiful landscapes and scenic beauty that attracts millions of travelers from different parts of the world. Many travelers come to this place for getting better health.

Requirement Needed to be Fulfilled to Get Visa

Process of application of Visa to Sri Lanka has totally turned online. This has provided an ease to the travelers to obtain visa without any stress. They just have to make an online application for visa and wait for few hours to get approved visa on their emails. However, the applicants first have to ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria for Visa application.

  • Valid Passport: The applicants are required to have the valid passports issued by their country
  • Return or travel Tickets: It is also an essential requirement for Visa application that applicants should have the travelling tickets
  • Evidence of Funds: Applicants have to show that they have sufficient funds so that they can meet their expenses in Sri Lanka with ease. for this, applicants should be directly engaged in employment or business during their stay in Sri Lanka
  • Payment of Fees: All the applicants are required to make the eTA application fees. Cost of fees varies from one nation to other. The applicants from SAARC member countries have low eTA fees as compared to the eTA fees for the travelers from other countries.
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When all these requirements are fulfilled by the applicants, they are able to get their eTA visa for Sri Lanka.

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