Experience a Wonderful Holiday on Australia’s Gold Coast

Experience a Wonderful Holiday on Australia’s Gold Coast

It is only a few days away from summer and Australia’s Gold Coast has already started to buzz with travellers from different parts of the world. With the sun shining bright and the waters turning warm, you can sense the blissful weather.

Gold Coast of Australia

The Gold Coast is indeed one of the best choices for your approaching holidays. After all, nothing could be more wonderful than spending your winter holidays in the pleasant weather of the Gold Coast.

Those who are used to spending extreme cold winters and are planning to spend the coming December on the Gold Coast should know that during this time temperatures here are completely the opposite. From December to February, the temperature here varies from 20 – 30 degrees Celsius. The temperature will begin to fall after sunset. However, don’t expect the nights to be extreme chilly.

The southeast part of Queensland is known for the summer storms and the local people can generally sense it. However, the blistering hot days do not last for long and soon the weather starts getting humid. You will eventually see a cloudy weather dominating the region. Dark cloudy skies generally tend to appear at this time; however, tourists should not feel worried as it will only shower if the clouds touch the coast.

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Famous for its nightlife, the Gold Coast is the perfect destination for tourists who look for endless fun and revelry. Visit any of the pubs, lounges or nightclubs and you will get a perfect dose of the thrill and entertainment. Many of these entertainment venues are located within the periphery of the luxury Gold Coast accommodations. Tourists should preferably book a Gold Coast apartment that will give them an easy access to the major attractions in the area. Holiday accommodations situated close to the beach area are always in demand.

Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise

Two major tourist hot spots on the Gold Coast, Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise are visited by a large number of tourists all over the year. Characterised by the sugar spun white beaches and the blue ocean waters, these two areas are every visitor’s delight. The places are unique in their own ways offering tourists ample scope to enjoy the scenic beauty along with the several natural wonders. While both are Gold Coast suburbs, Surfers Paradise has high-rise apartment buildings and Broadbeach essentially has a village-like setting. Surfers Paradise is only five minutes drive from Broadbeach and is therefore, visited by tourists coming on a holiday to Broadbeach.

Going for a beach holiday would essentially mean that you will be indulging in a lot of fun-filled beach activities. Surfing is a major activity in the area. Kurrawa Beach here is internationally acclaimed for the various life saving surf competitions. Surfing enthusiasts are going to have a great time enjoying the giant waves. If you haven’t ever tried out surfing and want to experience it, you can always spot a trainer who will help you out. Other water activities you should go for include snorkelling, jet skiing, paragliding and swimming.

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Coming to the food available, Australia’s Gold Coast is every foodie’s delight. Satisfying your taste buds with the delicious Gold Coast cuisines will make your holidays all the more enjoyable. Both Broadbeach and Surfers Pardise are teeming with restaurants, cafes and lounges that serve excellent meals to guests. No matter whether you are a fan of the street food or love to gorge on continental, Italian, south-eastern dishes, Gold Coast has no dearth of options for foodies.

To put it in simple words, the Gold Coast in Australia is a perfect destination for travellers who want to spend their winter holidays in a different way. To make sure that your holidays are comfortable tourists should always book their accommodations in advance.

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