Make Your Indonesia Tour An Unforgettable & Exciting One!

Make Your Indonesia Tour An Unforgettable & Exciting One!

Indonesia has some of the most unique flora and fauna. It also boasts some lovely beaches in the world. The enchanting beauty of the island is worth watching. The cuisines are also very good and the food is also very good. A number of tourists every year visit this am amazing place.

Thousand Islands of Jakarta

Sprawling across the Bay of Jakarta, it consists of more than thousand small and big islands. These islands are known as Pala Serbu. They are known for the beaches, scuba dive, holiday travel, etc. You can spend two three days here.

There are various tourist attractions here which attract people from all over the world. A trip to this beautiful place is a must. The popular tourist attractions are as follow.

The Royal golf course Jakarta

One of the biggest and the best Golf Courses in Jakarta, it is a lush green golf course which attract players from across the globe. A number of tournaments happen here.


It is a perfect place for the kids. It is always crowded with kids especially on holidays. It is a heaven for kids and it gives a lot of fun and entertainment to the children. It is a Theme park where you can enjoy sports, games, movies, etc.

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The Bank of Indonesia museum

It is a huge museum of Indonesia which displays the culture as well as art of Indonesia. It is a couple of years old and it used to be a bank. Recently it has been converted into a museum.

Indonesia is rapidly growing technology wise to offer high standards of living and nightlife

Istiqlal mosque

It is a peaceful and quite place which is a good place to relax. It is a place of worship and a centre for culture. It is a humongous establishment and also the biggest mosque of Indonesia. A lot of religious conferences, seminars and lectures happen here throughout the year.

The Cathedral of Jakarta

It is also named as the Gereja cathedral of Jakarta. This is also a place of worship and a centre of culture. It is big and lovely cathedral where huge number of people comes to worship every day.

The Miniature Park of Indonesia

Since it is not possible to explore the whole of Indonesia in a single trip, this park gives you an experience of every popular tourist attraction of Indonesia. It has the most famous buildings, cathedrals, parks, museums, of Indonesia in a miniature form. You will get to know about the culture of Indonesia. The Sky Car trip, the huge IMAX screen, lovely dance shows, cultural activities will entertain you and your kids.

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The Church of Immanuel or Gerona of Immanuel

It is a landmark Cathedral, which was constructed during the rule of King William the first. It was revived and the name was changed when Willemskerk came into reign.

The dreamland of Ancol

It is also a very popular tourist destination which is basically a place for the kids, a dreamland, which will offer you rollercoaster rides and a number of other enjoyable rides.

The waterborne of Indonesia

It is a good place for visiting especially when you are with your kids. If you want to get away from the crow of the city, this is the perfect place for you. Since it is a water park it has a number of water slides and other water sports.

The national museum of Jakarta

It is a centre of history of Indonesia. You can know about the rich history if Indonesia.

So, next time you plan to travel to Indonesia, don’t forget to visit these places. What are your favorite locations in Indonesia? Let us know by leaving a comment and share the Indonesian travel spirit.

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