The Best of Krabi Tours – Must See Attractions

The Best of Krabi Tours - Must See Attractions

Over the years, Krabi Province has become a widely held tourist destination in Thailand. The province has miles of remarkable coastline, lavish, verdant interiors, rock climbing, and countless water sports. Therefore, it is not a wonder that this area has experienced a flush of growth over the last few years. This area is visited by travellers from all over the globe because the attractions are relatively untouched and still retain their charm. Below are a few must see attractions in Krabi Province.

Tiger Cave Temple

This is a Buddhist temple that is situated in the north-eastern part of Krabi. It is among the most sacred temples in Krabi and is widely held for the tiger paw prints that are in the cave, the tall standing Buddha statues and more. One has to cover 1272 steps to reach the temple and witness the great panoramic views.

Railay Beach

This is the most widely held beach in the whole of Thailand. The beach has lots of tall-standing rock mountains that attract thousands of rock climbers globally. The area is also renowned for its white sandy beaches, spiraling limestone cliffs, breath-taking viewpoints, a hidden lagoon, and the quiet relaxing atmosphere that surrounds it. Railay only has footpaths and long tail boats; there are no roads, buses, or cars.

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Lanta Old Town

This town is positioned east coast of the Lanta Island. The town has an alluring charm as you get to see the lifestyle that has remained consistent and unchanged for more than 100 years. This enables the visitors to see how the natives have lived for years. Most of the shops and homes are constructed on stilts. These days, accumulative number of Westerners has settled with the Thai-Chinese, Thai-Buddhist, Chao-Lai, and Thai-Muslim inhabitants that dwell in this town.

Mu Koh Lanta National Park

This national park covers an area of about 134 square kilometers. It mainly consists of deep slopes, mountains, and plain areas that are close to the beach. This geographical feature has a starting height of 100 meters and the highest peak is 488 meters.

The Krabi Contemporary Art Museum

This museum houses distinct and diverse art pieces. It offers a demonstration of the transformation of how the traditional Thai painting have changed over the years because of western influence. It is also a venue where Thai artist exhibit their masterpieces. It is also used a medium for handling social, cultural, environmental and political issues.

Susan Hoi: Krabi Shell Cemetery

This is generally an ancient fossilized shell cemetery. It is situated about 17 kilometers from the Krabi business district. The shell was created when limestone deposits in water enclosed and fossilized snails, shellfish and other sea creatures to create slabs of complicated geological relics. Travellers can also explore the nearby mangrove forests. The cemetery also has a Chinese Temple that is open to tourists.

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Krabi is a city that has lots of adventurous activities and beautiful attractions. However, tourists should undertake a dsa practical test if they want to hire a vehicle for their holiday. With a vehicle to call your own, the holiday will be more enjoyable and relaxing.

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