Going Footloose in New York City Departmental Stores!

Going Footloose in New York City Departmental Stores!

Ladies! Visiting New York City for a holiday shopping? New York City is a paradise for shoppers. If you are a first timer, it can be quite a task covering all the top shopping areas and chances are there that you might miss some really great spots as the city has so much to offer. If exploring shopping areas is part of the plan, we can’t do much but if you want to stick with hardcore shopping, well you don’t have to hit all the shopping areas. You can get almost everything you need in just a few places, leaving you with more time to do other stuff.

When it comes to pure shopping, a department stores serves as the best as it’s like a mall yet you get all the stuff you need in a more concentrated place. Before heading anywhere, give these three New York City departmental stores a chance, am sure you will find almost everything you desire.

1. Barney’s New York

Located on Madison Avenue, Barney’s New York is an upscale departmental store which is a favorite among shopaholics in the city. Barneys is spread over 9 floor with each floor with its own specialty. Apart from shopping, the store is also home to the Fred’s at Barney, which is located on the 9th floor.

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2. Bloomingdale’s Department Store

Literally a place of worship for shoppers, Bloomingdale’s has always been a favorite among New Yorkers and if you want a place where you can shop like the locals, this is the place. Located in Lexington Avenue between 59th and 60th Streets, Bloomingdale’s is a must for shoppers in New York City.

3. Macy’s Department Store

Conveniently located in Herald Square, between 34th and 35th on Broadway, Macy’s is undeniably one of the most popular departmental stores in New York City. The store carry everything from the latest in fashion from top designer labels and brands to accessories, shoes and so much more.

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