Tourism in Thailand – Beaches, Breeze and Beauty

Tourism in Thailand - Beaches, Breeze and Beauty

The tourism in Thailand has picked up pace in the last few years. More and more people are flying off to Thailand to spend their holidays. There are many reasons for the sudden rise in demand of bookings to be made for Hotels in Thailand and one such reason is its wide variety of beaches.

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Beaches are places where gadget freaks are ready to throw their gadgets into the water and investment bankers are ready to forget about stock prices just to enjoy the tranquility around. However, contrary to that, the beaches that Tourism in Thailand provides are busy and crowded but the sheer beauty of them mesmerizes the beholder. It’s just not the natural beauty but the beauty of how modern culture and natural beauty co-exist and how not very far from the Hotels in Thailand were the vacationers stay, we find this mix in abundance. Following are the list of top beaches in Thailand:

Koh Phi Phi

The pristine beaches of Koh Phi Phi form the perfect platform for the crowded and busy streets of Phuket to dissolve in the near perfect idyllic spot to sunbathe. The irritation generated by the crowd just decimates when one stops for a moment and takes in the picturesque sight that lies in front of them.

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Railay Beach

Vehicles run on petrol and the Hotels in Thailand run on the beaches of Thailand but, what if the things running on petrol do not run on things that run the Hotels in Thailand? Yes, it is true and the Railay Beach makes this a reality. The only transport that takes a person to this paradise for rock climbers on limestone cliffs are boats. Hence, there is no intrusion of any polluting vehicle.

Hua Hin Beach

How can be a tour of the beaches in Thailand be complete without a visit to Thailand’s most popular and accessible beach, the Hua Hin Beach? Situated near Bangkok it provides the visitors the options of horse-riding, hiking and availing the best possible accommodations. A beautiful nearby national parks just adds more stars in a rating to this wonderful beach.

Sairee Beach

Land at Samui airport Thailand, take a ferry trip to Sairee Beach and treat yourself with an unparalleled beauty at display. The beautiful islands nearby, the white sand of the beach, the mile long walk and the cheap restaurants and accommodation leave a taste in your taste buds that you will not be willing to forget.

Karon Beach

If one has issues with crowded places then one can go to the widest beach available in Thailand, the Karon Beach. This beach’s sheer size prevents it from getting crowded even in peak of the holiday season and would prove to be relaxing.

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When a person sits and reads about the different types of beaches available he or she shall never be left unimpressed because, if Thailand would have been served then its beaches would definitely have been the beautiful platter of desserts on it. Therefore, it’s a holiday must for all holiday goers.

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