Top 7 Things To Do In Australia

Top 7 Things To Do In Australia

Australia is a diverse country with numerous islands and wonderful climatic variation. People are fond of its flora and fauna along with its beautiful places to stay in. Australia is regarded as sixth largest country with regards to the total area.

Top 7 Things to Do in Australia

Some of the popular tourist attractions in Australia are Great Barrier Reef, Opera House, Sydney museum, St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral, etc. Today, people are visiting Australia for many reasons starting from sight scenes, official trip or for family function. Many people are also deciding to take citizenship of the particular nation.

1. Enjoy the Kangaroo Island atmosphere

Since Australia is famous for numerous islands, it is also known as a tourism boom. You can now visit Kangaroo Island and go ahead with variety of fun loving activities. Tourists will be spell bound to see pristine green carpet with an area of 150km looking exactly like a paradise. You can actively participate in finding your own spot in the beach.

2. Get addicted to MONA

Full form of MONA is Museum of Old and new Arts. After visiting the wonderful museum, you will definitely have an affair with it. The private collections of this museum include the frame which are largest in the southern hemisphere. The tourist can also enjoy the festival at MONA with fun and enjoyment.

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3. Visit Restaurants and other Destinations

If you are visiting a tourist destination, it will be equally important to satisfy your belly while moving around. You can now get variety of restaurants in Australia with cuisines originated from different countries. Since, people from various parts of the world resides in Australia, it is very easy for the visitors to get the dishes which they prefer.

4. A visit to Newcastle

New Castle is one among the beautiful cities to be visited in Australia. You will be able to cover the local secrets of Sydney once you keep your foot steps to new castle. The attractions of this city include watering holes, secret beach spots, cool coffee shops and local gigs.

5. Dive into the Great Barrier Reef

You must have heard about Great Barrier Reef which is known as one of the wonderful tourist destination of Australia. The damages in this reef are due to the climatic changes as well as natural calamities. This is the place to get 7% of actual reef.

6. Avail an Outback Road Trip

Long drive in beautiful streets with greeneries all over is another exciting activity to be done by the tourists in the particular nation. During the rainy season, terrain is inhospitable. The blue open skies look gorgeous with the picturesque river beds. The pounding waterfalls can also be viewed by the visitors.

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7. Proceed with multi day hike

You must pack your backpacks with food and water bottle and get ready for an iconic trekking activity. You can get a package of overnight trekking with six days and five nights. You can travel from the cradle valley in the north till Lake St Clair in the south.

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